MEALPACK GLOBAL RESOURCES is a super unique Multi Level Marketing (MLM) Network company on a mission to empower lives (charity, improve economy standard and financial freedom), one in nine go to bed on an empty stomach each night, people struggling to feed themselves, economic insecurity, food insecurity, hunger, malnutrition, poverty and a lot of others.

We use our food rewarding system to generate much needed income for anyone who register on our potal which reduce/drive away their feeding expenses.

Our compensation system encompass all traders, civil servants, students, farmers, pensioners, and everyone who earn low or nothing.


In the community, Meal pack global resources have great ways of helping everyone and thereby making the environment a more beautiful place to live. Mealpack global resources (MLM) helps in working together to provide fresh and sustainable food for the needy and also makes one self-employed. Also, Mealpack global resources helps to increase standard of living, creating room for job opportunity and empowering the less privilage. 

>Achieve Food Security
> Improve Basic Nutrition
> Humanitarian Aid And Support > Creates Healthy Lifestyle
> Create Individual Well-being > Overcome Hunger
> Meet Nutritional Needs > Overcome Economic Crisis
> Fight Against Starvation > Stop Malnutrition In Society

Free Life Insurance policy

Free Skill Acquisition

Scholarship Scheme

Meal Pack Global Resources have a free life insurance cover for you once you sign up with us, we also provides some financial support in case of natural or accidental death.
Meal Pack Global Resources skill acquisition programme provides a platform which is designed to train and educate members on skills that will be of benefit to them.
We provide scholarship scheme for both graduates and undergraduates of members and members children which is an opportunity to maintain quality education and lifestyle.


Our rewarding compensation system also enable you to enjoy a wide array of awards and incentives as soon as you register on our potal such as;

  • Free Car Award,
  • Free Skill Acquisition,
  • Free Life Insurance Policy
  • Free Training and Seminars,
  • Non collateral Loan & Scholarships
  • All-expense-paid International Vacation,
  • Passive Income and Residual (Housing) Fund.


Our company allows multiple accounts for members in any of the categories or register for different categories. Also money earn can be reinvested to enhance business growth and enable members earn more food items, cash and awards.
Why Join Meal Pack Global ?
You Only Register Once
No Earning Conditions
Free Life Insurance Policy
Working Spillover Available
No Buying or Selling of Products
Skill Acquisition And Scholarship Scheme
Weekly Free Food Items/Payments Guaranteed





MEALPACK »Food Security

Hunger and malnutrition are dangerous to human health. Mealpack global resources provides you with food items as soon as you register and more food packages or cash equivalents as you move up the stage thereby reducing your food daily expenses and ensuring food security.

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